The Chicago Way by Michael Harvey

Michael Kelly was a dedicated detective working for the Chicago Police Department when scandal landed in his lap and he was blacklisted from the force. Not willing to give up on his desire to serve and protect, Kelly becomes a private investigator and is enlisted by his former partner to work a 10 year old rape case. As he begins to prep for a trial, his old partner is murdered and Kelly suddenly finds himself completely immersed in the case, and falling in love with the victim. Determined to achieve justice, he starts calling in favors from former associates all over the country and even has a ‘sit down’ with local mobsters, willing to do anything to solve the mystery surrounding the case. This page turner takes you on a nice ride but just when you think you know where it will end, you get a big surprise. Michael Harvey’s freshman novel is funny, fast paced, set in actual Chicago neighborhoods, referencing Chicago landmarks and Chicago celebrities and best of all, the first in a series of many.


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