The Litigators by John Grisham

Wally and Oscar have been working together for so long, they’re more like an old married couple than partners at their law firm Finley & Figg in Chicago, Illinois. Specializing in car accidents, DUIs and quickie divorce cases, this odd couple knows it’s not likely they will ever end up featured in The Trial Lawyer Magazine or Chicago Lawyer any time soon. Their idea of a great case is one that involves as little effort and as much reward as possible. Avoiding a trial and testimony and evidence is what they do in each case, until they unexpectedly gain a new partner, trial lawyer David Zinc. David’s arrival comes just in time for the small Chicago firm when suddenly the 3 men find themselves in the midst of a landmark case against a prominent pharmaceutical company. This book is much lighter than John Grisham’s usual take on the ‘trial lawyer’ genre. Drama is still his strong suit, but in The Litigators he includes a comedic tone rarely seen from him before. If you are looking for a great book about an interesting trial that doesn’t carry the heavy weight of kidnapping, rape or murder, this book will definitely suit your needs.


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