Enslaved by Claire Thompson

If you got caught stealing from your boss and he gave you the option between calling the police or becoming his sex slave, what would you do? Rae is faced with this very choice when she embezzles money from Sam, her boss and former lover. Author Claire Thompson paints the characters as having unfinished business after sleeping together just the one time. Rae had a hard time accepting how much she actually enjoyed Sam’s kinky, S&M demeanor in the bedroom and had kept it strictly business since then. When she is faced with a prison term or a slave contract, she chooses the latter.

The book as a whole is a good read, even though I had a hard time with some parts. I wish Thompson had explained the main characters’ backstories more; we know how they feel now but we’d like to know what led them to their emotional states. Sam is so cruel to begin with that you almost think serving time in prison would have been the better option. Rae’s pride is so intense when she is caught that she actually tries to convince us she didn’t even do anything wrong. Once she is trapped in Sam’s BDSM dungeon, she quickly learns the error of her ways.

Both characters learn an important lesson about who they are underneath it all and I always enjoy it when an author offers that kind of growth. Though the book is heavy and a little dark, you still find yourself wishing for a happy ending for Sam and Rae. It seems impossible but Thompson manages to layer all the abuse and torture with a love story. Over all this work of fiction was worth the read and has sparked my interest in checking out her other work.



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