Willing Captive by Belle Aurora

Often times when reading book reviews, there are many instances where the reader never intended to read the book but was left with no choice. Like they found it while waiting for a flight after forgetting theirs at home but not wanting to be a slave to the airport shop’s prices by buying a new one, they take what they can get. Or they flipped through its pages in the waiting room at the doctor’s office and then had to finish it because you always finish a book you start. I always find those stories a bit hard to believe but now that I’ve had my own, I take back my skepticism. As I was browsing the isles at my local drug store the other day, I turned a corner and saw my cranky neighbor, Mr. Anderson, at the end of the isle, coming my way. Thankfully, I was in the book section and I grabbed one and pretended I was reading, hoping he would pass by without stopping to complain about something that had happened to him that day, or yesterday or 20 years ago at a gas station. Don’t get me wrong, I am neighborly. But Mr. Anderson is just flat out unpleasant and he can become offensive. So I try to avoid him and his verbal abuse.

And thankfully, that day I avoid him! He keeps walking. I actually take a moment to look at the book in my hands; Willing Captive by Belle Aurora. Never heard of the author and it was a book with a character named Nox. I usually find names like that obNOXious. Again, I was wrong – I learned so much that day! The book was vastly enthralling. The main characters, Lily and Nox, are entertaining, clever and incredibly witty. At first glance you might think the novel will be dark, maybe even a little abusive or objectionable. Typically when a man kidnaps you and holds you hostage, you are going to be pretty upset with him. And you typically end of the victim of unthinkable abuse or rape and torture. None the less, Lily finds herself less worried about her safety and more determined to get underneath Nox’s steely demeanor and form a connection. Nox has as much determination not to reveal the real reason he’s kidnapped her, a reason that’s not as sinister as you might think and not as much of a threat to her safety as it seems.

One of the best parts about the book was how much the characters learned about themselves. Both Lily and Nox questioned how they got to this point in life, each wondered what it was about them as a person that helped get them there. They were able to help each other see things about themselves they weren’t entirely aware of and it caused the pair to form a connection you wouldn’t normally expect in a kidnapping story. While I urge you to go out and get this book today, I am making it my mission to read more of Aurora’s work. I’ll let you know how that goes!


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