The Ice Man: Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer by Philip Carlo

While reading this book, I became so engrossed that I actually forgot it was about a real person. For a moment, things were so unbelievable, you couldn’t fathom it was true crime. After all, no one can be that evil, right? In The Ice Man: Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer by Philip Carlo, you learn that the book’s subject, Richard Kuklinski, is the epitome of evil. True crime novels have always fascinated me and this one lived up to my very high expectations. Kuklinski was one crazy dude. Very coldhearted and calculating. Carlo spent hundreds of hours interviewing Kuklinski and his family members and what he learned and then wrote about sometimes turned my stomach. But I always wanted to know more, so I kept turning the page.

In the book he talks about the abuse Kuklinski and his 3 siblings suffered at the hands of their strict parents. How witnessing his brother die from that abuse had set him on the path to become a murderer at age 14 and his younger brother convicted of rape and murder. Those events set in motion a prolific serial killer, who by his own admission is responsible for at least 200 deaths. At one point he was employed by the Mafia as a contract killer. He killed people he was either hired to or that had wronged him. Sometimes he killed “just for the fun of it” or because he wanted to practice. He was known to stab, shoot and beat people to death. He got his nickname, The Ice Man, because he would freeze the bodies before dumping them for authorities to find, making it hard to determine a time of death.

The book is very graphic and goes into a lot of detail about Kuklinski’s murders. If your stomach is easily upset this may not be a good read for you. My curiosity is completely peaked now and I plan to look for the documentaries that were done on Richard Kuklinski. Carlo’s description was sure a great start. If you are a bit of a slave to true crime like I am, this book should be on your list.



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