Under Contract by Helen Saito

This book is set in the future during a time when sex slavery is completely legal. There is a compound, a training center called Cascade where you can go to start a career path towards becoming a legitimate sex slave. Most people find themselves down on their luck and needing the income, so they enroll in the program and start training in all things sex and all things slavery. Each slave has a handler and is trained vigorously and aggressively, day and night. Anything you can think of that you have done, seen, read about or heard of in regards to sex is covered during the indoctrination, plus a whole bunch of stuff you’ve never even heard of. Once the slave has gone through each sexual trial and tribulation they are sold at an auction. A contract binds them to the highest bidder for the next six months of their life. After that the contract can be renewed or the slave can be auctioned off to someone else.

The author focuses on the story of one specific slave, Alex, a 44 year old man who entered the program purely by choice. Though he had what most would consider a stable life, he always felt something was missing. So he gave up that life to become a sex slave. He was sure that a slave contract was just the thing missing; he had strong urges to be dominated, he longed to be controlled and desperately wanted someone to he could offer complete submission to. Being so eager, he formed an instant connection with his handler, Gavin and just when you thought the book couldn’t get any more torrid, Alex is introduced to Gavin’s partner Sam and the three form a bond that despite the setting and subject matter, you find endearing.

This book was recommended to me by a friend who said it reminded her in some ways of Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty Trilogy, which she knew I’d read and wrote about. I can say I somewhat agree because this book did become about masters and slaves essentially falling in love and fighting for a happily ever after. After reading the synopsis, I was left with one question: Once he followed his dream and become a sex slave, would Alex finally feel fulfilled? I won’t give away the ending but I will say I was not at all disappointed. You should check it out for yourself because I bet you won’t be either.


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