The Husband by Dean Koontz

The heart of this story revolves around Mitch and Holly, a couple in their late 20s living a quiet, middle-class life that they couldn’t be happier with. From their wedding, to their honeymoon, to buying their first house and starting a landscaping business, life had been pretty close to perfect. Until one day, Mitch is at work and he receives a phone call. Holly is on the other end telling him “No matter what happens, remember I love you.” As Mitch listens to his wife’s screams, a man gets on the line and explains his wife has been kidnapped and then demands a $2 million ransom to be delivered in less than 3 days.

As everything progresses, Mitch learns the true nature of his character and just how far he would be willing to go for those he truly loved. The bones of this book are a love story. Mitch is madly in love with his wife and though he faces incredible odds, he vows to do what it takes to get her back safely. Each new situation Koontz presents to us leaves you wondering what you would do in the same case. Things you couldn’t possibly imagine doing suddenly become your only option; Mitch surprises himself on more than one occasion when he realizes how easy it is to do the ‘wrong’ thing when it comes down to it. He thought he knew himself, his ideas of right and wrong or black and white. The kidnappers threw him in the middle of a gray area and in the end Mitch was willing to do whatever it took to get Holly back.

Overall I found this to be incredibly entertaining. It kept me on the edge of my seat and it surprised me multiple times throughout. Just when I thought I’d figured things out I would turn the page and I’d be in shock. Dean Koontz is just one of those authors that doesn’t disappoint. If you haven’t read The Husband, go grab a copy today.


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